• Helping communities along the path

    to a more sustainable future



    Trailhead Energy is focused on the mission to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions for homeowners, nonprofits, churches, schools, and municipalities.


    We provide project management, outreach and education for

    locally-focused energy saving initiatives.


    Grants to Green

    Mission: Nonprofits + Energy Efficiency

    Dubuque, Iowa (and surrounding counties)


    Grants to Green (G2G) was a grant program run by the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque (CFGD) that paid out over a million dollars to 33 nonprofit organizations in northeast Iowa. This money was used for energy improvements to help these organizations save money on utility bills and strengthen their operations. Financial assistance was provided by the Kendeda Fund and the Iowa Energy Center. Trailhead Energy was contracted by CFGD as the Program Manager for this innovative energy saving program.

    Energize Dubuque

    Mission: City + Homeowners + Energy Efficiency

    Dubuque, Iowa


    Energize Dubuque was a campaign to help homeowners save energy and help the City of Dubuque win the $5 million Georgetown University Energy Prize. The focus of the campaign was to help homeowners invest in energy retrofits and solar.



    Green Vision Education

    Mission: Schools + Energy Efficiency

    Dubuque, Iowa


    The Green Vision Education (GVE) program is a partnership between the Dubuque Metropolitan Area Solid Waste Agency (DMASWA) and Loras College. The program provides resources for and recognizes schools that practice pollution prevention, recycling, energy efficiency and waste reduction. To learn more about the program visit the DMASWA Website.




    Smarter Home Guide

    Mission: Homeowners + Energy + Health + Technology

    Dubuque, Iowa


    We published three advertising-supported print editions of this local guide to efficient and sustainable homes, products, services, & contractors.



    Cool Congregations

    Mission: Churches + Energy Efficiency

    Dubuque, Iowa


    Created by Interfaith Power & Light, Cool Congregations is a stewardship program that helps congregations engage their members in Creation-care through energy efficiency and other sustainability strategies. Trailhead Energy helped bring this program to Dubuque, Iowa where many churches have now established "Green Teams."


    Eric Coffman

    Executive Director

    Based in Waco, Texas, Eric is the founder of Trailhead Energy and worked previously as Director of Marketing and Business Development for Affordable Comfort, Inc (now part of the Home Performance Coalition). After working with many passionate and talented energy professionals around the country, he decided to create an organization committed to helping local communities become more sustainable, primarily through a focus on growing the marketplace for energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions. Eric has a diverse business and technical background that includes an MBA and B.S. in Engineering.

    Carrie Lohrmann, PE

    Project Director

    Based in Dubuque, Iowa, Carrie is Project Director for Trailhead Energy and worked previously as a Civil Engineer in development, transportation, infrastructure and software. Her consulting background in multi-disciplinary design and construction projects with environmental compliance components is well-suited to the innovative energy solutions Trailhead provides. Carrie is also active on the Board of Green Dubuque and a member of the VNA Junior Board, Women's Leadership Network, and the Society of Women Engineers Dubuque Area Section.


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